About Terri Louise
Terri Louise Durham

Ventura College: Ceramics and Glazing principles  
Santa Monica College: Drawing, Music
Golden West College: Drawing, oil painting, Ceramics, Figurative sculpture, 2-D Design Photography
Orange Coast College: Jewelry
Huntington Beach Art Center: Landscape painting, digital photography, Abstract workshop
De-facto Art Degree 2001
Ventura College: ceramics 1977
Golden West College: Fish Fish Fish 2000
Costa Mesa Art Venture 2017, 2018
Huntington Beach Art Walk 2016
Laguna Beach Art Walk 2016
Art that’s small: Laguna Beach City Hall 2016
Weekend of Art: City of Los Alamitos 2018
Artist Council Exhibition 2014-2015-2016 -2017
Centered on the Center 2000, 2013,2014,2015,2016, 2017, 2018
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art 2015
Huntington Beach Artist Association 2000
Huntington Beach Art-a-Fair 2000
Lakewood Artists Association 2000
Orange County Art Association 2000, 2017, 2018
Guggenheim Art Gallery Fullerton College 2001
Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Sierra Madre, Monterrey, Long Beach, Lompoc, Ca
Las Vegas, NV, New York, NY
Crawdaddy’s Restaurant, L. Herman, Baglemania Restaurant, Pasea Hotel, F. Durham
Artist Statement
Terri Louise Durham is a versatile artist who works in oils, acrylic, collage, mixed media and
terra cotta. (She also creates jewelry).  Her oil paintings are usually landscapes but
occasionally can be abstract where she blends the oil paint in a unique way.  The acrylic
paintings are completely abstract.  The landscapes are soothing; with a relaxed feel that has
a textural softness influenced by her love of nature. The abstracts are musical, free flowing,
passionate, intuitive and vibrantly colored, influenced by Jackson Pollack, Kandinsky and
abstract expressionism,  Further exploration into Terri’s biography and the inspirations
behind her oeuvre show an artist who has deftly captured passion, emotional freedom and
technique to create a truly unique body of work.
Terri is a California native who has an education in music and art.  A lifelong artist her work
has led to the development of her signature artistic vision giving each piece the feel of
music. Terri has also included her original composed music in some of her artwork. But paint
is the perfect vehicle for her expression of the inner self. Terri’s method of layering colors
results in varying degrees of opacity and depth to the canvases, bringing them to life. “My
art is a door for exploring the inner self of all humanity.” Terri says. Her art has a three
dimensional feel which is evident even in photos of her work.  Drawing upon her training as
a musician, Terri’s work has a range of expressions and lyrical sense not often seen.  Her
work strikes an emotional chord in the viewers mind allowing them to appreciate her art in
their own way.  Each piece of art can stand alone and speak for itself when viewed and the
unique meshing of artistic elements gives her the distinction of being an original.  
An overview of Terri Louise’s artwork reflects a good deal about her passions.  Her subjects are filled with
dynamic movement and color; bright splashes of color, shape and form convey a sense of music.  Terri’s bold use
of color and powerful use of compositional elements convey the intense emotion and joy the artist sees in life.  
Terri Louise’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood, born in 1955 Los Angeles, a stone’s throw
from Santa Monica California. Like most other artists, Terri showed a natural talent and desire for art from an
early age.
Her grandmother lived in Santa Monica; she was an artist showing extensively in southern California. “When I was
in elementary school, Terri says, my grandmother gave me lessons in painting and drawing.”  Terri’s interest and
skill in art blossomed under her grandmother’s tutelage and with lots of practice using Walter Fosters drawing
books. When she entered high school, the California native continued with art and watched television art classes
on PBS by Bob Ross.  Terri went on to study fine art and music at Santa Monica College while there Terri decided
that even though the odds weren't’t in her favor she had to be a artist.  Terri is an optimist and lives by a quote
from Winston Churchill “Never,never,never,never give up. “I could have gone the easy way and been a preschool
teacher but I never do things the easy way” says Terri
In the late seventies Terri did what most people do, she married and had children, Terri spent her free time
painting art for her home and studying ceramics at Ventura College. The eighties was an unplanned interruption
from artistic pursuits and it was during this time of severe depression and emotional ups and downs that resulted
in her being diagnosed as Bipolar. ‘I see being bipolar as an asset, take your medicine and follow your doctors
advice. I was able to make a fresh start so I had to get rid of what wasn’t working.  Terri threw away some
paintings and a husband. Luckily some of the paintings were saved from the Landfill by a neighbor.   “I
accidentally discovered one of my paintings on a neighbor’s wall, while walking past their open apartment window.”
‘How cool is that”
During the nineties and early two thousands  Terri resumed her fine art education at Golden west College in
Huntington Beach Ca., taking sculpture, oil painting and 2-d design. “When you choose to be an artist you create,
you show what you create, and you sell what you create without judging yourself.” I’m not a Sunday painter.”
Terri Louise   regularly shows her work in local art exhibitions and contests where she has won numerous awards
for both her sculptures and paintings.  When a seafood restaurant was opening close to home, Terri impulsively
went in and asked for a commission to decorate the dining room.  With no prior experience in large projects, Terri
painted nine large sea life themed paintings two sculptures, one a wall installation of dolphins and the other a
Terra cotta coral and fish.  Six photographs of unique double exposed sharks for the bathrooms were included as
well. The owners of the restaurant were impressed with her talent and work ethic. When they sold the business,
they did not include any art work for the new owners, because they took all the pieces and moved to Las Vegas.
 In Huntington Beach Terri began exploring, oil painting, and sculpture also jewelry design. In her figurative
sculpture class Terri began experimenting with patinas by layering translucent colors to highlight the plain Terra
cotta figures, studying under Darryl Ebert a well respected artist and teacher. She translated the layering process
to her paintings. In the mid two thousands Terri spent several years taking pictures and designing jewelry. Her
photography is truly unique; she creates conceptual studio photos from everyday items, like knives and shoes.
They inspire conversations and are not politically correct. The images tell a complicated story with no right
answers. They can be disturbing to some viewers but most people find them hypnotic.  She calls these studio
images Low Brow photography.  
Terri says, “My low brow images will make an excellent photo essay book, I plan to make some time to put it
together I think galleries will love it.”
  Terri’s career has developed steadily always moving forward. “I took some time off to raise my granddaughter, I
think that experience brought something tangible, a sense of peace, to my work that I see in the landscapes I
started painting. “I paint or photograph what is inside me at the moment; I think that what is inside of me is
inside of everyone, that is why people can relate to my work” Terri says. Her subject matter runs the gamut from
softly colored landscapes to vibrant multimedia abstract images in the style reminiscent of Kandinsky and Jackson
Pollack. Occasionally she throws in a portrait or two of her friend’s dogs  
The Huntington Beach Artist Council and Orange County Fine Art Association list Terri among their active
members. It was during one of the meetings of the Artist Council that she was given the opportunity to paint a
mural for the Pasea hotel.  “I had never done a mural before I thought it would be a good challenge”. The mural
was for the employee areas of the hotel. “The employees were extremely pleased to have something happy on
their walls.” For Terri the wall was daunting it was 20 feet of white with a thermostat and bathroom sign. The
mural was a beach scene with a large multicolored umbrella; a view of Catalina, some people, the hotel mascot, (a
French bulldog), and Terri’s black and white standard poodle Norman.   “I was on the receiving end of numerous
hugs and compliments.” “It was overwhelming to have so many people love what I was doing” Terri relates.  
Terri’s peers have complimented her work saying it makes them happy and has the feel of music. Frequently Terri
infuses musical themes in her work. Her instagram page terrilouise55 is popular and her work is well liked.   
Collectors have said her work is thought provoking, peaceful and joyful. One collector said. “Her art makes my
house feel like a home”.  Terri employs bold energetic colors unusual shapes and splashes of paint. Her art is an
expression of positive energy, strong emotions and layered with intense honest color.  “I think the world is a
miracle, a beautiful place for a mind to grow, communicating that is what motivates me.”  “All of my art has its
own life and story to tell. “My art is the happy ending most people need.”
         When Terri is not in her garage studio she can be found walking and playing with her fiancée and their four
dogs.  Terri Louise regularly donates paintings to animal rescue groups and other charities. Terri has won awards
from the cities of Los Alamitos, Lakewood and Huntington Beach. She currently exhibits at Easy on the Eyes
Gallery in Los Alamitos and the Orange County Fine Arts Association gallery in Santa Ana
Artist Bio.